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F:If we make the payment, how long you will make the shipment?
A:It depends on the quantity of order Our Monthly production amount of diamond segments will be more than 3,000,000pcs Usually we can send the goods within one week on receipt of payment Special specification products by negotiation Wanlong will inform the approximate shipping date before you place order
F:What we should do if your products can not run well?
A:Give us detailed report Analyze the reason Try to find a way to solve the problem If it s Wanlong s problem and not possible to solve then Wanlong give replacement
F:How can I get the best suitable diamond blades?
A:Offer Wanlong more details about your stone and cutting machine parameters 1 Diamond Disc Blade for sawing, slicing, spliting or any other applications 2 Stone Hardness, Abrasiveness and Grit Size, pictures or samples if possible 3 Machine used for Diamond Blades Discs, Bridge Saw, Table Saw, Brick Saw, etc 4 Machine Main Motor, Spindle RPM, Feeding Speed and Cutting Depth 5 Thickness for Steel Core (blade without diamond segment) for suitable segment size 6 General request for Blade Life Cutting Square Meters per blade;
F:How can I know how much I should pay the delivery charge?
A:Calculate the total weight of your order Choose a shipping method Check the current freight Rate and calculate shipping charges Check the other charges and add together
F:Do you have a cutting machine that available for tile cutting ?
A:Yes Our slab cutting machines – laser bridge cutting machine and mono-block cutting machine have additional function of tilt cutting (0~50 degree) , you can choose it manually or automatic It’s an optional function
F:Finger bit with bow shape and sidelong shape which shape is work the best?
A:Finger bit with sidelong shape, this design is good for evacuating stone dust and water flow
F:What is the minimum quantity we should buy?
A:Any amount order is available For sample purpose Wanlong don t mind how much you buy For regular order the weight should reach 45kgs(requested by AirLine Companies, otherwise the Airfreight below 45kgs is very high)
F:What is processing object for Turbo cutter and Dry (Segment) cutter?
A:Compare with dry cutter, turbo cutter has more continue when it cutting, is good for Marble Dry cutter is good for granite
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